Terms & Conditions - Teenage


General Conditions: Points 1 to 7 found on our Adult terms and conditions also apply to our teenage students. According to Maltese law, a person under 18 years of age is considered to be a minor and all parties must adhere to the terms and conditions listed in the section of this price list.

1.1 Enrolments: Bookings for students under 18 years of age will only be processed on receipt of the school’s signed Enrolment Form (parents/guardians consent). Students suffering from any illness or disability are obliged to inform the school prior to arrival. All relevant details relating to their illness/disability must be provided.

1.2 Permission & Liability: The parents/guardians permit the student to be treated by a doctor in cases of emergency. ELA will endeavour to contact the parents/guardians in such cases. The parents/guardians must pay any third party fees associated with the above treatments. They must provide the school with a contact telephone number in case of any emergencies prior to arrival.

1.3 Parents/guardians authorise ELA management to sign any necessary documents in the event that the student may require urgent medical surgery. It is imperative to note that medical staff at the hospital may refuse to administer treatment to minors without explicit consent from the parents or legal guardian/s. This consent may be given via the Consent Form.

1.4 Parents/guardians agree that the minor will respect curfew times stipulated by the school.

1.5 For safety reasons, it is mandatory for all minors to attend all ELA activities. Students cannot choose to opt out.

1.6 No member of staff can be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage that may occur during an ELA organised activity.

1.7  Flight Charges & Unaccompanied Teenagers: Charges for unaccompanied minors are not included in the prices offered by ELA, as these depend on the airline chosen by the student. ELA is not responsible for any missed flights due to the failure of completing the necessary forms.

1.8  Attendance: Students who are absent with no authorisation will receive a verbal warning. A second, written warning is given if such absence is repeated. A copy of this letter will be sent to the agent and parents/guardians. If this absence persists, the student is expelled. No refund is given and parents/guardians are responsible for any repatriation costs.

1.9 Hotel Accommodation: €50.00 damage deposit is required on arrival. The deposit will be returned on the student’s last day in Malta, after a room inspection is carried out and approved. The deposit is held against any costs that may be incurred resulting from any missing items and breakages or excessive dirt that students may cause during their stay.

1.10 Host Family Accommodation: In the event of unforeseen circumstances, ELA reserves the right to move a student to a different address.

1.11 Travel and Health Insurance: All minors must have health and travel insurance for the duration of their stay. A copy of this insurance must be submitted with the enrolment form.

Our current terms & conditions supersede any previous terms and conditions that were applicable at the time of booking.