Safety Protocol post COVID-19

(as of July 2020)

Safety measures include:

✓ Only students travelling from countries on the Malta COVID-19 website will be accepted for bookings

✓ Students who are exhibiting signs of illness will not be allowed entry into the school

✓ Temperature checks are to be carried out at the entrance of the school. Anybody exhibiting a temperature of 37.2℃ or higher, will be denied entry.

✓ Anybody exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 and/or other illness will be asked to leave the premises and get tested for the virus (after calling 111). Should the person test negative, they will not be allowed to enter the premises until they no longer show any symptoms. Should, however, the person test positive, the following procedure will take place: areas where infected person was in, will be closed off; doors and windows leading to outside will be opened; the areas will be disinfected at least 24 hours after contact; contact tracing will be carried out; and staff/students in contact with the infected person will have to be put in quarantine

✓ Students and staff are to utilize provided alcohol hand-rub upon entry of the school and before entry of every classroom/office. All persons are to sanitize their hands upon entry and exit of the building

✓ Unauthorized personnel will have limited access to the building. Every person entering the building must provide personal details (such as name, surname, mobile number, ID number and address) in case of contact tracing. These contact details will be kept at the school for 28 days. ALL persons entering the building must follow procedure and stand at visible markings

✓ Large crowds are prohibited at all times

✓ Student numbers will be limited according to guidelines issued by the ELT Council and will be made visible at each classroom entry

✓ Numbers per class will be further reduced to ensure maximum safety of students

✓ The use of visors (as opposed to masks) is to be worn in the building at all times. Students are to bring their own visors. A limited number of visors are available for sale at the school (€5)

✓ No unnecessary contact between students, or between students and staff members is to allowed. Students wishing to speak to office staff members can only do so by waiting in the reception area and will not be allowed to enter any of the offices

✓ Student attendance will be taken daily and capacity monitoring will be checked on a regular basis

✓ The school will carry out ongoing cleaning and disinfection operations of all the common areas and classrooms inside the school premises. Cleaning and disinfection regimes will be documented

✓ All surfaces, especially grip-areas, will be disinfected several times a day

✓ Perspex screens have been installed in the school’s reception areas to ensure maximum safety of occupants

✓ Water dispensers are prohibited. All staff and students are encouraged to bring their own water

✓ Only one person can enter a bathroom at any one time

✓ The use of bathroom hand dryers is prohibited

✓ Windows are to be kept open at all times, even while air-conditioning is being used

✓ An isolation room for students is provided, should a student feel unwell. The student will be asked to sit in the room until medical help arrives (Room A09)

✓ The lending of books and/or other material is prohibited; photocopies are to be kept to a minimum, in order to lessen the possible spread via contact. Sharing of lesson material via email is to be promoted at all times

✓ The use of computers in the TOEFL Lab is limited. To encourage social distancing, only alternating computers may be used

We will be adding more measures throughout summer to conform with the fluid situation