ESP Courses

8 Oct 2018

ESP Courses

At ELA we offer a vast range of ESP courses, either as individual courses or in closed groups. These courses are increasing in popularity owing to the fact that most professionals out there have become very aware that one needs to improve their English in their specific sphere if one aspires to advance in their career.

The most popular of these courses are in the fields of:


  • English for use in Finance and Banking
  • Medical English
  • Aviation English
  • English for Engineering
  • Legal English
  • English for Tourism
  • Restaurant English
  • English for Nursing
  • English for IT


When booking such courses we ask prospective clients to be specific in what they would like to cover since the topics can be vast. Should they have any material they wish to study from, ideally this would be sent to us at least two weeks before so that we can pass this on to the carefully selected tutor/s, so that s/he can tailor the lessons to suit the student’s exact needs.