ELA Malta is moving to bigger premises

26 Nov 2018

ELA Malta is moving to bigger premises

ELA Malta is, and has always been, committed to helping people reach their educational and professional goals; a commitment we’ve been working on over the last 30 years. As part of that commitment, we made sure that our courses were recognised by Bildungsurlaub in Germany.


As many of our German students know, the Bildungsurlaub requirements for each state are different, but we are pleased to say that we have been accredited in not, one, not two, but SEVEN states in Germany! Students from the following states are free to apply for the Bildungsurlaub programme when booking their course at ELA:

  • Niedersachsen,
  • Sachsen-Anhalt,
  • Hamburg,
  • Berlin,
  • Bremen,
  • Rheinland – Pfalz,
  • Schleswig-Holstein. 


Bildungsurlaub is one of the many accreditations that ELA Malta is proud of having. In fact, we also have the following recognitions:


  • Le Forem for Belgian students
  • CSN for Swedish Students
  • Erasmus plus and Erasmus mobility for European students and teachers


Should you have any questions, about any of our fully accredited courses or any other questions related to our school, do not hesitate to visit our website: www.elamalta.com  or contact us on [email protected]