Business English

21 Sep 2018

Business English Courses at ELA Malta

This week’s spotlight falls on ELA’s Business English courses. Over the years we have come across several students who require English for Business purposes – for their jobs, to be able to deliver presentations, writing effective CVs, to be able to hold conversations within a business context (what we usually refer to as small talk), to write reports, to handle emails and phone calls in a more professional manner, and for a wide variety of other reasons. This has led to our Business English courses becoming more and more popular among the students who choose ELA Malta as their English language learning haven.

Why do students come to us?

We have been labelled (by students themselves) as “The School with a Heart” and students come to us specifically because they know that we will always help them make decisions which are in their best interest.

This is manifested from the very beginning of a student’s stay with us. Before the Business English course starts, we always conduct a needs analysis for all the participants. This enables us to determine which topics to discuss throughout their stay with us. Business English is a very vast field, and if we had to discuss everything during a course, we would very often only have the time to touch upon some of the topics. We want our courses to be relevant and focused on the needs of the students currently in the class.

In fact, another advantage is that our Business English classes are extremely small, with a maximum of 6 participants per class. This makes it possible for our teachers to dedicate enough time to the students’ individual linguistic issues and challenges, while, at the same time, allowing time for shared experiences and examples of best practice in different business scenarios.

Students also have the option of choosing the intensity of their course – they can choose between studying for 20, 30 and 40 hours per week. This option goes down very well with those students who might wish to combine Business English with some one-to-one lessons, for example. They might choose to study in a group in the morning for 20 or 30 hours per week, and then move on to private lessons in the afternoon.

Speaking of classes and teachers, we believe that our human resources are our biggest asset. Our Business English teachers are not only qualified English teachers, but they are carefully selected individuals chosen for their experience within the field of Business.

In the paragraphs above we’ve seen some of the main reasons students have listed for choosing to study Business English at ELA Malta over the years. On top of these, we also keep practicality and affordability in mind; which is why we have ensured that our prices are extremely competitive, especially when compared to other similar courses on the market both locally and abroad.

Our Business English courses are available all year round and we have courses starting on a weekly basis. The duration of the course depends on the availability of the student, therefore, it is possible for someone to choose to do a refresher course for just one week, or for someone to do a more intense and longer course lasting a number of weeks or months.

Finally, we also want to point out that our Business English courses are recognised by Bildungsurlaub.

Should you wish to find out more about our Business English courses, do not hesitate to visit our website on or email us on [email protected]